About Us

Belize Yellow is a full-service destination tour company that provides groups and/or individuals visiting Belize with creative itineraries and a comprehensive management based on an in-depth understanding of the tour industry and the country’s natural treasures. You will find the staff at Belize Yellow to be meticulous, friendly, efficient and very cooperative. Our company’s philosophy is dedicated to providing extremely personalized service to anyone who chooses to experience Belize’s pristine beauty.

With over 25 years of experience, our family owned business prides itself in a reputation of having the unique ability to customize any tour. Alternately, you may choose from one of our pre-packaged tours to best take advantage of what our beautiful nation has to offer.

Presently specializing in Snorkeling and other one-day tours for cruise ship visitors, our goal is to introduce the world to the wonders of Belize and to be their premier source for the best in Belizean adventures while at the same time offering competitively priced tours. We are committed to making sure that everyone’s experience in our Paradise will be informative, smooth and most importantly, fun!

Belize Yellow. 27 Victoria Street, Belize City, Belize.