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One of the things that i am really proud of is that we’ve embraced this notion and developed a series of tours that actually are able to take people beyond the norm, special access into areas where you’re able to experience something really special.

Let’s take Belize, for example, our Kao Gu Belize program goes beyond the simple beaches and Mayan ruins of Belize and actually goes into the real inside access.

For example, touring the ruins of Xunantunich with a guide who actually was part of the original team that helped excavate those ruins 30 years ago.

Or going into the ruins in Guatemala and actually being able to spend the night there like a Mayan King in a room that has been recreated for you under a tent, a tented canvas.

You know, you really get to go off the beaten track.

You’re having after-hours tours.

You’re having special, exclusive tours just for you.

Imagine going to, by helicopter, the ruins of Caricol and having a guide there giving you a special after-hours tour that’s done exclusively for you with a picnic lunch.

Imagine going, as i mentioned, to those ruins in Guatemala, spending the night there and having an after-hours tour with an archaeologist that actually is going through and explaining what the city of Yasha is all about.

That’s really what Belize is all about, whether we are in Belize or other parts of the world.

If you’re a fan of ancient heritage and ancient cultures, then Belize is for you.

It’s about the study of antiquities, and it’s about taking you beyond where access normally allows.

Hey people of the interwebs it is q with another scuba diving adventure, Saturday morning, 6:45 and 24 degrees.

Overnight we’ve had quite a bit of rain where i live, but I’m not too sure whether there was any rain on the coast and that’s the most important bit, because we don’t want those creeks washing the dirty water out into the ocean.

I’m hooking up with my dive Buddy Gordon today and we’re gonna take a look at a different dive site.

It’s one that we’ve looked at before, but never had the opportunity to dive.

So we’ll go see what the conditions are at that spot, if not there’s always Plan b and we fall back to one of the Belize  dive sites.

One of the things about this dive spot, parking is a premium and the expression every man and his dog comes to mind, because at this time of day, which is about 07:20, every man and his dog is here.

Just looking at the advisory sign for this Beach, no life-saving service, swimming not advised, strong currents, slippery rocks, submerged objects.

The omens weren’t good and as we walked towards the lookout i could tell by the wind direction and the sound of the ocean that this was not going to be a spot for scuba diving, but it was certainly going to be a spot the surfers were enjoying.

One of the issues we’re having at the moment, is the fact that we got this massive cloud cover so the sun simply can’t shine through to the water and we can’t see through the surface, so Mr.

G is gonna do something a little bit different now, he’s going to just put on a mask and snorkel, and possibly his fins as well, and he’s going to go into the water and test what the visibility is going to be.

Three? 3 meters! So we’re back at Kings Beach again, everywhere else seems to have around about 3 metres of visibility, we’ve just literally driven into the car at Kings Beach boat ramp and you can see the visibility straight away.

Ok we really gotta get in the water, very hot.

Very very hot! So once again Kings Beach offered us the best surface conditions and potentially the best visibility.

Just as we were about to get into the water, a couple of speargun divers came out and we asked them about the visibility.

They reckoned the further out they went the worse the visibility got, so we made a decision to stay fairly shallow and fairly close to the shoreline.

We dropped into a relatively shallow 3 meters which is 9.

8 feet and once again the water temperature was a wonderful 28 degrees c which is 82.

4 Fahrenheit.

Equipment adjustments done and a compass heading taken, Gordon and i set off in search of adventure, but unfortunately it seems as though adventure didn’t want to be found this day.

The visibility was average for this time of year at 5 meters or 16.

4 feet.

Unfortunately the water clarity was quite misty.

Instead of being gin-clear and that meant that any video footage i was getting of the fish, they always just appear to be on the misty edge.

In fact it wasn’t until i was back in my office, looking at the video footage, that i noticed the speargun diver appearing in the top right-hand corner of the video.

With the visibility being the way it was i gave up looking for the big fish and decided to focus on the small things, like the beautiful soft corals and the Nudibranchs.

Our total dive time was 58 minutes, our max depth was 5.

7 meters which is 18.

7 feet, the water temperature was a wonderful 28 degrees Celsius which is 82.

4 Fahrenheit, the visibility was 5 meters or 16.

4 feet.

So that wasn’t bad, it was a 58 minute dive, even on the smaller thanks, visibility was about the same as yesterday, between 4 and 6 meters.

Again we stayed quite shallow, saw quite a lot of of the smaller reef fish, but just good to get out there and blow some bubbles.

Mrg, how was that for you today? It’s always excellent to dive with the q master.

(laughs) Do happy bubbles and enjoy what we have here, where we live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Are you part of the tourist board now? That’s it, this was a paid political announcement.

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