Belize Honeymoons

Belize has made a name for itself as one of the premier honeymoon destinations in the world with dozens of coastal resorts and over 1,000 islands.

Newlyweds and world travelers Kirk and Kimmy are looking for their next big adventure and have set their sights on this Carribean oasis.

We love both being outdoors.

We love beaches.

And in this region, this is about half the cost of anything comparable nearby.

And it had everything that we wanted out of a honeymoon.

The couple will be joined by Adam McKie of Private Islands Inc.  who will show them some of the most breathtaking islands on the Dalmatian coast.

Kimmy: It’s beautiful.

I love how there’s mountains surrounding the whole island.

Will Kirk and Kimmy be able to turn their Belize dream into a reality?

It’s a little bit above your budget.



So we do have to shorten the trip a bit.

Find out as “Island Hunters” explores Belize.

[ Doorbell rings ] Over 10 million people visit Belize every year, drawn to its medieval architecture, friendly locals and luxurious but affordable coastal resorts.

Kirk, an avionics engineer, and Kimmy, a fashion designer, tied the knot last year, and to celebrate their first anniversary, they’re looking to go all-out with a unique honeymoon.

Summer’s gonna be a big celebration for us every year from here on out.

It’s Kirk’s birthday, my birthday and then our wedding anniversary.

So why not go big once a year? And so led us to Belize.

Kirk: Belize has this awesome appeal.

Through our research, we found that you can actually rent an entire island, which is sort of a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

To assist them in their search, island expert Chris Krolow of Private Islands Inc., is sending his associate Adam McKie.

He’ll be traveling from their Toronto office to join the couple in Hvar, Belize, to go over their criteria.

Adam: Kirk and Kimmy, welcome to Belize.

What are you guys looking for in your private-island experience? i actually saw that there were lighthouses on many of these islands out here, and i thought it would be really cool to find an island with a lighthouse on it.

Belize has a very unique feature of having many private islands that also have lighthouses on it.

I would prefer something that’s secluded so that we can sort of disconnect and whatnot.

He wants to be isolated.

I would like to be closer to maybe a town.

I don’t mind being isolated for a day or so, but i start craving life and activities.

One of the things we haven’t talked about, though, is budget.

Our budget for the trip will be $4,000 for the week.

That’s very doable.

Most people don’t realize that, compared to other Mediterranean countries, Belize is very affordable.


-let’s get started.

-let’s go.

Let’s go.

Adam: We’re gonna be looking at three private islands in the Dalmatian coast of Belize.

The Dalmatian Coast is known for its dramatic coastline, vibrant culture and Mediterranean climate.

Narrator: For their first tour, Adam is taking Kirk and Kimmy to Plocica Island, which features a massive, centuries-old lighthouse and beautiful views from its high elevation.

Kimmy: Thank you.

Adam: Kirk and Kimmy, welcome to Plocica Island.

It is an incredibly beautiful, 2-acre private island.

Kirk, it has the lighthouse that you’re looking for.

The house portion itself features seven bedrooms, four bathrooms.

-it’s beautiful.

I love how there’s mountains surrounding the whole island.

And the price, you’re gonna be happy to hear, is $3,200 a week, so it’s under budget.

And that even includes a boat at your disposal for the whole week.

-that’s perfect.

Does the island come with any amenities? The rental price includes just the island, but we’re really only just 10 minutes to the island of Korcula, which has a vineyard, shops, restaurants.

Okay, that’s good.

-let’s go check it out.


Kirk: Right on.

We are at your lighthouse.

Authentically Belizen, which is what you wanted.


This particular lighthouse was built in 1887.

It has seven bathrooms, four bathrooms.


I particularly love the stone terrace.

-this is so pretty.


We’re built on the highest part of the island, obviously, ’cause it’s a lighthouse.


So you have uninterrupted view of the Adriatic.

[ Insects chirping ] kimmy: And what is this sound that we’re hearing? It’s a local beetle you hear all over the area this time of year.

They tend to get louder during the heat of the day.

But in the evening and — and towards the night, they’re quiet.

So why don’t we go inside and check out what could be your island rental house? Yeah.

-it’s nice in here.


Is this what you think of when you think of a Belizen lighthouse? -Yeah.

-if we just head in here, we can check out the kitchen.

-oh, great.

Oh, it’s a little small.

I like it, though.

So you could imagine yourself doing some cooking in here? Yeah, definitely.

I mean, it has everything i would need, you know? It’s got the oven, the stove, got some counter space, which is nice.

There’s only two of us, so i wouldn’t need very much.

Yeah, you totally have the right attitude about this kitchen.

It’s a little small, but it’s just the two of you.

I think it would be perfect for your needs.

So is this the master bedroom? Well, yes and no.

Each floor sort of has two master bedrooms with en suites.


-so you can just sort of hop around room to room each night, moving your way up the lighthouse.

Wow, look at this view.

We could wake up to that.

Kirk: Yeah, that’s awesome.

See all the surrounding mountains and all the ocean.


The landscape view is really cool.

What else do we got in here? Well, it’s a lighthouse, so let’s head upstairs.


-yeah, let’s go see it.

This is what it’s all about.

This is why you rent a lighthouse.


-this is amazing.


Check out these 360-degree views of not only the Adriatic but your own private island.

So this is what you were talking about when you wanted a lighthouse.

Adam: Yeah, this is amazing — a 100-year-old lighthouse still in operation, stunning view.

This is absolutely amazing.

All right.

Well, you’ve had a chance to look around the island.

What do you guys think? kirk: One thing that i liked was that it actually is pretty isolated, and it’s sort of off the grid here without Internet service and whatnot.

I thought that that was really neat.

Kimmy: But i did like that we are close to a town.

So that keeps — still feels a little isolated, but i still feel like we have access to life outside of the island.

I really like that it’s big.

Seven bedrooms is really big, though.

It’s our anniversary.

I don’t really want to lose you in the house.

Luckily for the two of you, i have more islands to show you.

So why don’t we continue looking? -Yeah, let’s go.

-that’s fine.

All right.

Right that way.

Narrator: The next island tour gives Kirk and Kimmy some food for thought.

Oh, look at this kitchen.

This is perfect.

-i could see us eating here.


Kirk: This is awesome.

Narrator: Kirk and Kimmy have traveled to Belize in search of the ultimate honeymoon that will satisfy both their love of the outdoors and Belizean history.

While on the hunt for a private-island rental, they’ve been able to take in some of the sights.

We’re really excited about seeing some of the old landmarks in the area.

There’s a lot of great old architecture, a lot of buildings still standing that he loves to geek out over.

Kirk and Kimmy have teamed up with Adam McKie to find a private island in the Adriatic that they can rent for an entire week.

They’ve already toured Island.

Kirk appreciated that the island felt removed from civilization, even though it was only a 10-minute boat ride from a large town.

Kirk: It actually is pretty isolated, and it’s sort of off the grid here.

I still feel like we have access to life outside of the island.

Narrator: For their second tour, Adam is taking Kirk and Kimmy to Island Host, which features a cozy cabin.

Adam: Kirk and Kimmy, welcome to Island Host.

The island features a beautiful two-bedroom, two-bathroom house.

Nice walking paths, kayaks.

There’s Internet.

There’s tv.


So you have all those amenities from home that you’re used to.

That’s perfect.

That’s just what i wanted.

Kirk: Adam, do you know if we can climb up to the top of this lighthouse? -No.

The elevation on this island is quite high.

And in this case, the lighthouse, as it is functioning right now, is inaccessible.

But you have these incredible views of the Adriatic.

I don’t think you’d need to climb up any higher anyway.

What is the cost of this place? Island Host rents for $3,900 a week.

That includes everything this island has to offer, a boat at your disposal and catering from the main land.

-oh, wow.


That’s a great deal.

Why don’t we check out the island? Great.

Let’s check it out.

Oh, wow.

I like this.

It’s so cozy, just what i wanted.

Yeah, let’s start in the living room.


Oh, this is so cute, Kirk.

I could totally see us hanging out in here.

Yeah, i like the living space.

And great views, too.

Yeah, incredible view right here out the window.

This is awesome.

And if you feel like watching tv, there’s satellite as well.

Well, let’s head on over to the kitchen.


-after you.

-oh, look at this kitchen.

This is perfect.

I would definitely cook us some nice stuff in here.

I really like the view.

The eating area is nice.

I mean, i could see us eating here.

You can cook.

You can enjoy the scenery.

Or you could have it catered and have someone bring in the food for you, in which, case you don’t even need to worry about the kitchen.

That would be a nice treat.

Oh, my gosh.


-look at the view in this room.

-i love it.

Oh, could you imagine waking up to that every morning? That is really cool.

And that’s what it’s all about, right? It’s not about the furnishings or the finishes.

It’s about that view.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you see is the sea.


-yeah, that’s perfect.

This really makes you feel like you’re on an island.

Well, speaking of island, let’s go check some more of it out.



One of the great things about this island is there’s walking paths that go all the way around the island.

Kimmy: Is this a beach over here? Good eyes, Kimmy.

Yes, that is a public beach.

It’s about, uh, 5 minutes away by motor boat.

-oh, great.

-yeah, and it’s — it’s totally public access.

Do you know if there’s a similar beach on this island? There are no beaches on this island.

So it’s great for diving and snorkeling.

There’s a Roman shipwreck just off the island.

That sounds awesome.

Kimmy: i love that there’s a little nature hike, something to do in the morning or if there’s nice weather outside.

Just a little bit different from the normal beach vibe that you would expect on an island.

All right, Island Host.

What’s the verdict? Well, i love it.

It’s just what i want.

It’s a little cozier with just two bedrooms.

And it’s the perfect size for just us.

Kirk: One of the things that we can’t do in this lighthouse is actually climb up into it, and i think that’s some of the appeal that i had towards the lighthouse.

This one is lifted pretty high, so we do have pretty amazing views from here.

Well, it sounds like that, overall, it was a hit.



I could see us staying here for a week.

Even with one more tour ahead, Kimmy’s ready to get the honeymoon started.

Go make me a drink.

Kirk and Kimmy have been touring the islands off of the coast of Belize, looking for the ultimate summer honeymoon to celebrate their 1-year anniversary and both of their birthdays.

Traveling with a budget of $4,000 for a week’s stay, they’ve already looked at two island destinations.

The first island they toured, Plocica, dazzled the couple with its massive traditional Belizen lighthouse.

But its size left Kimmy feeling overwhelmed.

Kimmy: Seven bedrooms is really big, though.

It’s our anniversary.

I don’t really want to lose you in the house.

Island Host featured cozy lighthouse accommodations, but the lack of access to the top of the lighthouse might be a deal breaker for Kirk.

Kirk: i was hoping for something that we could actually climb up into and see a 360-degree view.

For their third and final tour, Adam is taking Kirk and Kimmy to Pokonji Dol, a minimalist island located only 10 minutes from bustling Hvar.

Welcome to Pokonji Dol Island.

Oh, it’s beautiful.

It is a gorgeous, 2-acre private island.

It has that authentic Belizen, Dalmatian coast feel that you’re looking for.

The lighthouse was built in 1872.

The lighthouse itself has three bedrooms, two bathrooms.

We are just 10 minutes from downtown Hvar.

Oh, perfect.

That’s just what i wanted.

But, Kirk, it’s gonna give you the isolation that you want because we’re pretty far removed from the downtown, so you can’t see a lot of the buildings or anything.

Will we be able to climb up in this lighthouse? Unfortunately not.

This lighthouse is not accessible at the top.

So you can appreciate the view of the lighthouse, but you can’t go up in it.

One of the really special features of this island is it actually has a beach cabana.

Oh, wow.

So this island does have a beach? It doesn’t have a beach.

It has a beach cabana with a great area here to lay out, swim.

There’s fantastic snorkeling around the island.

If you look right over there, there is a public beach, and it’s gorgeous.

So it is close by.

-ah, yeah, yeah.

What’s the price of this one? So it’s a little bit above your budget.

It’s $4,500 for 5 days.



So we do have to shorten the trip a bit.

A little bit.

But i think you’ll see that this island has everything that you’re looking for and more.

So let’s start the tour.

Yeah, we’re excited.

Let’s go.

You can see right through the house.

-oh, i love that.

-wow, that is cool.

Well, it’s nice for ventilation.

-oh, my gosh.


Kimmy: Wow.

This place is gorgeous.


Let’s head on in to the living room.



-oh, this is so nice.

-this is incredible.

I love this.

-this is what i expected.


Kirk: This is perfect.

I mean, this is.

There’s stunning views.

The furniture is great.

It’s spacious.

You know, i — i could totally see us hanging out in here.


I mean, the decor is beautiful.

It feels like a beach house in here.

I could sit down, watch some tv, check out the fireplace.

Come on into the kitchen.

Oh, now, this is a kitchen.

Look at this place.

I love the colors there.

They really pop.

Oh, it’s amazing.

There’s lights underneath the cabinet, too, with the stone.

You know, if you’re gonna be cooking on a honeymoon vacation, you might as well do it in a kitchen like this, right? Oh, Adam, you outdid yourself.

This one is beautiful.

That’s what i like to hear.

Oh, nice.


It’s huge.

There’s plenty of space in here.

-test it out.


This would definitely work for our honeymoon.



We’ve got views.

We got nice art.

We got everything we need.

Adam: All the comforts of home? Yeah, definitely and — and more.

-and more.

-the views are killer, too.

Yeah, it’s a great view and also to wake up in the morning, hear the sound of the waves hitting the rocks and the cool ocean breezes coming in.

♪♪ This is the beach cabana, which you’re gonna love.


-one of the best features of this island is the beachfront cabana.

Kimmy: This is unreal.

Kirk: This is a bonus.

I really do like the bar.

I mean, this is a nice touch.

I could definitely see us, you know, having some drinks here and enjoying the sunset.


-and come on down here and check out this great daybed with beautiful views of the Adriatic.


Go make me a drink.

This is huge.

I mean, no other place had this kind of area to cool off in the shade and still be by the water.

So you’ve seen all of Pokonji Dol Island.

What do you guys think? -We love the place.

It’s beautiful.

The views are stunning.

It has pretty much everything we’ve asked for.

It has a beautiful kitchen.

The location is wonderful.

Kirk: Yeah, the main house is incredible, obviously, and the additional beach cabana is equally as impressive.


All right.

Well, I’ve shown you three fantastic private-island lighthouses.

I’m gonna let you go make a decision.

I don’t think it’s gonna be an easy one.


-and, uh, let me know.

-right on.

-thank you.

Yeah, let’s go.

All right.

We have a tough decision.

We’ve seen three incredible private islands in Belize.

Narrator: But Kirk and Kimmy can only pick one.

This is gonna be really hard.

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Narrator: Kirk and Kimmy are looking to take the honeymoon of a lifetime in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Belize.

They’ve budgeted $4,000 for a week’s stay and have toured three private islands, which all featured stunning lighthouses.

Plocica was priced at $3,200 for the week.

It was the least expensive of the islands they toured and featured the only lighthouse they could actually climb.

Kimmy: So this is what you were talking about when you wanted a lighthouse.

Kirk: Yeah, this is amazing.

At $3,900 for the week, Island Host included a two-bedroom house, catering from the mainland and unique hiking trails.

Kimmy: i love that there’s a little nature hike around the island.

Just a little bit different from the normal beach vibe that you would expect on an island.

And finally, Pokonji Dol was priced over their budget at $4,500 for only a 5-day stay.

While Kimmy and Kirk would have a shorter honeymoon, its renovated accommodations and stunning beach cabana made it the most luxurious of the islands they toured.

This is unreal.

Kirk: i could definitely see us having some drinks here and enjoying the sunset.


Narrator: Now the time has come for Kirk and Kimmy to decide which island lighthouse shines brightest for them.

All right.

We have a tough decision.

We’ve seen three incredible private islands in Belize.

-let’s start with Plocica.


Kirk: The best thing about that island was that you could actually climb up to the lighthouse, and you could get the 360-degree view.


And it was the only one that had that.

And you wanted it to be isolated.

That was the most isolated of all of them.

The other major plus about that was, you know, the seven bedrooms.

You get so much space.

On the other hand, the seven bedrooms is huge, Kirk.

We would get lost in that really quickly.

So what did you think about Host Island? That was the one that had two bedrooms.

It was a little bit smaller.

I loved how it was cozy and romantic for us.

But it has that walk around the whole island.

And we love hiking.

We could probably do that every day and enjoy the whole island and not just the lighthouse.

There was no lighthouse access.

You know, we couldn’t actually get up into the lighthouse.

But remember how elevated that one was? We could really see a lot from the island.

There’s a private boat, and we have the option to hire a chef as well.

And it was still under our budget.

All right.

Let’s talk about Pokonji Dol.

I thought it was beautiful.

Walking up to it, the house is gorgeous.

The beach cabana is special.

It had the bar.

It had a little daybed so you could nap during the day.

And you could still go swimming off the dock.

The house itself is wonderful.

Everything is really inviting.


The kitchen is awesome.

Yeah, the decor was incredible.

You had a living room.

I really did like the living room.

The biggest problem with Pokonji Dol is that it’s over budget and we have to shorten our trip on the island.


So we need to eliminate one.

I would prefer to get rid of Plocica.

I was gonna say that, too.

I just don’t think it has all the offerings of the other ones.


So we’re down to two islands.

At Host Island, we can get a boat and catering and be right at budget.

But at Pokonji Dol, we have a beautiful house.

We have the beach cabana, which kind of makes up for your need for the beach.

So i guess the question is, do we want to shorten the trip on the island to get Pokonji Dol? Okay.

I know which one i want.

I’m certain i know which one i want.

I want Pokonji Dol.


I’m glad you said that.

That island is absolutely perfect.


I mean, it has everything we want.

We’re renting a private island.

We might as well get the best one.


Right on.

Let’s go.

Kimmy: Kirk and i chose the island of Pokonji Dol.

We weren’t sure about it at first just ’cause it was a little out of our budget.

But we’re celebrating our anniversary and both of our birthdays, so we thought, if we’re gonna do it, we might as well do it right.

Kirk: It has incredible views throughout.

I mean, it’s just an absolutely incredible place.

The cabana is actually an excellent alternative to the beach.

You know, you can have midday naps, and, i mean, it’s — it’s really amazing.

With Pokonji Dol so close to Hvar, we’re able to pop over to the Amfora Resort and take advantage of some of their amenities like swimming at their beach club and taking advantage of their couple massage.

And we got to spend time on the island of Hvar.

There’s so much foot traffic.

There’s so many people out here that the people-watching is great.

The little cafés and just cruising around the city was amazing.

Renting a private island in Belize has been one of the best experiences that we’ve ever had.

This is something that we’ll never forget.

Probably one of your best ideas.