Mayan Ruins in Belize

One of the biggest Mayan pyramids in Belize has been all but destroyed by builders who ravaged the ancient structure for crushed rock to fill in a new road.

The construction workers used bulldozers and diggers to claw at the sloping sides of the 100ft tall pyramid, which is part of the Nohmul complex – the most important Mayan site in northern Belize and one which dates back at least 2,300 years.

Horrified archaeologists claim there is no way the builders could have mistaken the Mayan ruins for a hill, as the landscape is naturally flat and the Nohmul complex is well known.

The builders used backhoes to claw at the sides of the pyramid, leaving an isolated core of limestone cobbles at the centre, with what appears to be a narrow Mayan chamber dangling above one hollowed-out section.

Belizean police said they are conducting an investigation and that criminal charges may be brought against the construction company.

The Nohmul complex sits on private land, but Belizean law says that any pre-Hispanic ruins are under government protection.

It is not the first time it’s happened in Belize, a country of about 350,000 people that is largely covered in jungle and dotted with hundreds of Mayan ruin sites – though few as large as Nohmul.

Because in some areas archaeologists say they practiced cannibalism But just as a ritual Sometimes they eat the rest of the body.

Sometimes they just cut the legs and arms And put them in another different place i know talking about sacrifice sounds very awful, Very rude.

But remember, at that time, everything was  about religion.

So people actually volunteered to be part of the ritual   When would this have been? When would  this have been happening?  i mentioned that the human sacrifices took  place around 600 ad By Chichen Itza, when i went on tour there, they  said it wasn’t the Mayans that were sacrificial, But it was actually when the Aztecs came in  So the Mayans weren’t into the sacrifices as much  As when the Aztec warriors  came in and took over the Mayan Civilization  Exactly.

I mentioned at the beginning that they Just offered food and animals.

Until 600 ad more or less when they met the Toltecs, the ancestors of the Aztecs.

Because remember i also mentioned Aztecs flourished  after the Maya So when they met the Toltecs, they were influenced.

I prefer that we move to the last building  And when we come back if you have the opportunity, you can climb this temple.

The Mayan people have and inportant tree called ‘ceiba’ in Spanish.

‘ceiba’ In Mayan language  Ya’axche means green trunks In English, cotton silk tree.

With this tree they represent the life It is called the tree of life.

For the Maya, the leaves of the tree represent heaven.

In heaven, they have 13 levels for the 13 laws The trunk of the tree represents earth where we  are living  They believe earth is standing on the back of  a huge crocodile  And the roots represent the underworld  In the underworld  they have 9 levels  for the 9 different Gods.

And we always say If we behave good, we’ll good to heaven  If we behave badly, we go to hell.

Costa Maya.

(laughter)  In ancient time the Maya people believed  That even if you behave good or bad You have to go to the underworld  You need to pass the 9 tests of the laws   0:03:27.


809 And when you are ready, you can go to heaven.

The only way that you can escape the underworld Is if you die in a human sacrifice  Or the woman who dies in labor delivering a baby Because they already have the pain So even the ruler and his family need to go to the underworld before they go to heaven.

If they didn’t die because of these 2 things:  a human sacrifice or delivering a baby  So i brought you here because this is  she-bal-BAH You can see the temple number one in front of you That the 2 buildings that forms the plaza Are called the north and the south palace And if you take a look, these buildings have 9 doors So that’s the reason the archaeologists call  this area She-bal-Bah  The underworld and then you can go to heaven just climbing the steps So do you have a question?  Nothing about this?  Now friends, i will give you the opportunity  to climb the building to get to the stars  There’s a very nice view of the canopy of here in this area  And then you are going to have 20 minutes to see the rest of the buildings.

You are because you want to take pictures,  You want to climb.

Too much blah-blah-blah we can do the rest  of the blah-blah-blah on the bus So please, 20 minutes here 25 minutes  You going to have more or less in the other plaza  (tourists talking & music to end).