Resorts in Belize

Belize has become one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in the world. Over a million visitors a year flock to the Central American nation to become one with nature. Pamela and Paul are looking at the island resorts off the Belizean coast as the location of their destination wedding and honeymoon.

(paul) We’re looking for a beach setting, a destination wedding, and so this just sounded like a really nice place to go.

(pamela) i hope that we just create something that is magical.

With the assistance of Adam McKie, the couple will tour three island destinations that offer the more natural accommodations and amenities they’re looking for. It’s got a very private feel about it. I’m getting a nice vibe from this island. And the color of the water is emerald green.

Will Pamela and Paul find the perfect island for their Caribbean wedding? I’m just not getting that honeymoon ambience.

Located between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coast of Central America, Belize’s protected wildlife, clear emerald waters, and year-round warm weather attract visitors from all corners of the world.

Canadian couple, Pamela and Paul, are visiting this tropical paradise in search of the ultimate vacation– a destination wedding and honeymoon.

We met online, and… We did, and we hit it off fairly instantly. And five years later, here we are, and, uh. And we’re planning to get married. We wanted a wedding ceremony in a place that was warm and tropical. We are interested in having, like, a beach setting for our wedding. We enjoy, you know, boating, kayaking, fishing.

And we’d like to start our marriage off right and enjoy it.

To assist them in their search, island expert, Chris Krolow, of Private Islands, Inc. , has enlisted the help of his associate, Adam McKie, to join the couple in Robert’s Grove Beach Resort to go over their criteria before casting off on their tours.

So what made you decide on Belize? We love the beach, uh, and the warm weather, and, uh, that’s the kind of destination wedding that–that we want to have.

Well, I’m biased, obviously, but i think doing a private island wedding is an incredible idea.

I agree.

So do you want a completely private island, do you want a private island resort, or something in between? Ideally, a private island would be nice.

We are getting married, and we’re looking forward to having that private time together.

It’s about whether it’s romantic, it’s intimate, it’s sort of where you can envision yourself getting married.


I just want to relax– i want to pamper myself, just enjoy the beach, maybe lay back in a hammock with a Mai Tai.

And get married! And get married, absolutely.

Yeah, absolutely.

Yes, and we’re gonna stay a few extra days and honeymoon a bit.


So what kind of activities are you interested in? Well, i love snorkeling.

And i love watching Paul snorkel, so.

[laughter] i mean, i enjoy watersports, as well.

You’re gonna be splashing around a little bit.

Yeah, some fishing.

Yeah, some fishing.

I love all that kind of stuff.

Obviously, the one thing we have to discuss is what your budget is.

We’re looking at somewhere between $6,000 and $10,000.

And you were saying that that’s inclusive.

All-inclusive, so we don’t have to worry about anything.

We can just sort of come and enjoy.

Yeah, and that’s my job, is to make sure that you can just get married, enjoy, and have an amazing private island wedding experience.


That would be perfect.

So you ready to get started? We’re really excited– let’s do it! All right, right this way.

All right.

Pamela and Paul are a sweet couple–you can tell they’re very much in love, so they want something that’s intimate, that’s private, that’s romantic, and that can accommodate a wedding, so that’s really a challenge for me this time around, is to find something that can hit all of those needs for them.

For their first tour, Adam is taking Pam and Paul to Ranguana Caye, a private resort island that features rustic accommodations and space for an all-inclusive wedding.

So, welcome to Ranguana Caye.

Thank you, it’s beautiful, it’s really lovely.

Yeah! We’ve been, sort of, swept away to this two-acre private island surrounded by white sand beaches.

(pamela) i love it.

It’s got a very private feel about it, which is something that we wanted.

(adam) There’s just three beach cabanas on the island, but it’s serviced by a mainland resort.

(paul) And it’s got a beautiful, big beach that we could maybe even do the wedding ceremony right on the beach.

And i think you guys will be impressed by the price.

It’s at $5,500 a week, so it’s under your budget.

So we can consider it? Well, it’s an option.


Well, let’s go check out the island.

(pamela) Okay.

(paul) Great, let’s do it.

So, i thought this would be the perfect spot for your wedding.

I really love it– presents a really beautiful backdrop, i can see us standing there getting married, i love the water.

(paul) i agree, it’ll be beautiful.

(pamela) Yeah, absolutely.

Plus, you’re gonna have the resort that can bring in everything that you need, from the officiant to flowers and everything that you might want.


(adam) It’s supposed to be romantic, intimate– it’d just be the two of you and the pelicans.

I could see that.

I could see us having a really lovely, memorable ceremony here.

♪♪ All right! This is your, uh, luxurious honeymoon cabana.

Hmm, oh.

Not the word you would use? The room was not.

Not what i envisioned.

Yeah, i would agree with that–not quite what we were expecting.

(pamela) No, i mean, there’s two beds.

This is supposed to be our honeymoon suite.

I’m just not getting that.

Honeymoon ambience.

The two beds is not a hit– i mean, it’d be great if things didn’t go well, you’d have two beds.

[laughter] It’s rustic, but, i mean, you wouldn’t be using leaves for toilet paper–there’s amenities here, there’s.

But really the best feature of this cabana is the outside, so let’s go look at the terrace, and you get a better sense of what you’d be experiencing here.


All right.

(pamela) Oh, wow.

(adam) This better? (Pamela) This is beautiful– this is really amazing.

Wow! So the inside the cabana wasn’t a hit, but, i mean this is where you’ll be doing most of your living.

Can you imagine your romantic dinners out here on this terrace? (Pamela) You can’t beat these views.

No matter what the cottage looks like, the views are– are beautiful, and it is tucked away– it’s kind of nice and cozy in here, yeah.

The cabana is not everything that i would have hoped for, but i can’t deny that the island itself is really beautiful.

(narrator) Pamela and Paul tour a secluded oasis.

I’m getting a nice vibe from this island.

(narrator) But will this island leave them high and dry? i think the only thing missing is a beach.

(narrator) Toronto natives, Pamela and Paul, have been together for five years and have decided it’s time to tie the knot.

They’ve flown to the heart of Latin America, Belize, looking for the perfect island location for their upcoming wedding.

They’ve been joined by Adam McKie of Private Islands, Inc.

, who’s guiding their tours of three island resorts.

We just wanted to take the time away from all the busyness at home and just enjoy each other for a little while in a really tranquil, awesome setting.

(narrator) Their first tour took them to Ranguana Caye, though it was a bit more bare-bones than they were looking for.

I’m just not getting that honeymoon ambience.

(narrator) The island’s views and the potential beachfront wedding site impressed the couple.

I could see us having a really lovely, memorable ceremony here.

(narrator) For their second island tour, Adam’s taking Pamela and Paul to Robert’s Caye, which features colorful villas and an intimate setting for their wedding.

Welcome to Robert’s Caye, a very unique one-acre island.

Thanks, it’s great to be here.

(adam) We’re just ten miles off the coast of Belize and just half a mile from the Belize Barrier Reef, so we’re super close to all the water activities that you’re looking to do– the snorkeling, the kayaking, and, of course, the fishing.

It’s also serviced by a mainland resort, so you have the option of having everything that you could need for the wedding being brought right over here.

(pamela) Wonderful.

There’s a private chef on site, so gourmet dining on a remote private island– it doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m getting a nice vibe from this island.

The water is beautiful, turquoise–it’s gorgeous.

(paul) The cabanas are very nice, colorful.


I like the porches that protrude out onto the ocean.

Is that within our budget? It’s $6,500 a week, so it’s on the low end of your budget.

Sounds good.

Well, let’s check out the island–right this way.

(pamela) Okay.

(adam) So this is the spot i was thinking would be ideal for your wedding ceremony.

We have exposure to the east and to the west, so we could do a sunrise or a sunset wedding.

(pamela) i like it–it’s, um.

It’s beautifully framed, and yeah, we can see the water all around.

I can see us having a little ceremony here.

It’s just a cozy little spot.

(paul) And i like the idea of the sunrise ceremony.

It’s gonna be a little bit calmer in the mornings, and, uh, i think that would be wonderful.

♪♪ i don’t think you’re gonna be disappointed.

Oh, i love it! This is so sweet.

(paul) Wow, very cool.

(pamela) i like it.

It is–there’s a table here for some breakfast mimosas.


The bed looks beautiful– nice, big king-size bed.

Beautiful artwork on the walls.

And i love the, uh, the cathedral ceiling effect in here.

(adam) Because we’re built over the water, you’re gonna hear everything all night, right? So soothed to sleep by the sounds of the ocean.

(pamela) i love it.

(adam) Well, the views are great inside, but i think they’re even better outside, so.

Before we finish up, (Pamela) Okay.

I just want you to take a peek out there and get a sense of what you’d be enjoying.

Wonderful! What do you think of your private terrace? (Pamela) It’s lovely.

Again, i just love being so close to the water.

It’s so tranquil.

And the color of the water is emerald green, beautiful.

(pamela) You can see right through to the bottom– it’s just beautiful.

(adam) What’s your overall impression of the island? (Paul) i think the only thing missing is–is a beach.

Yeah, the beach is a problem, and it’s a fair concern.

The good news, there’s a lot of islands in the area.

They all have sandy beaches, so you can do an excursion for a day, another private island tour over there, and obviously, you do have the terrace, too, where can come out and enjoy.

Fortunately, we have more islands to see that do have beaches.


So why don’t we continue island hunting? (Pamela) Fabulous.

(adam) All right, let’s go.

(narrator) Pamela and Paul tour an island resort featuring massive honeymoon villas.

(pamela) Wow, this is beautiful, Adam.

(narrator) But will they find the island’s beach as inviting? I’m having a hard time envisioning an intimate beach ceremony.

(narrator) Pamela and Paul are in the Central American nation of Belize, and they’re on the hunt for an island resort that can act as the location of their destination wedding and their honeymoon.

With up to $10,000 budgeted for a week’s stay, they breezed through two island tours.

First, Pamela and Paul explored Ranguana Caye and discovered a gorgeous beach that would make the perfect location for their wedding.

I can see us standing there getting married, i love the water.

(narrator) For their second tour, Pamela and Paul checked out the villas on Robert’s Caye, which offered a secluded site for their honeymoon.

(paul) The cabanas are very nice, colorful.

(narrator) Now, for their final tour, Adam McKie is directing the couple to Coco Plum, an all-inclusive, full-scale resort island.

Pam, Paul, welcome to Coco Plum Island.

I’m super excited to show you this island.

It is 16 acres.

We have a little bit less privacy here on this island than we have on some of the other islands in Belize.

There’s 14 cabanas, but it’s a bigger island, so you’d have a lot more space if you were to choose this property.

It has everything–it has all the water activities that you’re interested in, you can see them right behind us, the kayaks, the paddleboards, it’s all set up for snorkeling, fishing.

The best part of this island is it’s completely set up for your wedding, so you just have to show up and, uh, enjoy.

This is really, really nice.

It is bigger.

It’s much bigger.

It’s certainly not as private, but it’s got a really nice feel to it, and there’s a beach here, which.

Was kind of on my wish list.

(adam) It really has a great balance.

I mean, there is 14 villas, but it’s just 14 villas, so it’s not a lot of guests.

You’re gonna get a lot of privacy if you were to choose this place, and the best part is, like i said, they’re completely set up to fulfill all of your wedding dreams.

So is it within our price range? That’s the best news.

So the price for the full week is $6,500.

That includes all of your meals, which are prepared by a five-star chef.


It has all of your activities, including some excursions, and it includes your wedding.

So your ceremony, your cake, your champagne– like i said, just show up and get married.

It sounds perfect.

Well, i have a lot to show you, so why don’t we start the tour? i can’t wait! (Adam) i brought you to this spot because i thought this could be the ideal spot for you guys to get married.

This is really, really lovely.

It’s bright, it’s big, it’s open.

I’m not sure, though– it might be a little too open.

I’m having a hard time envisioning sort of an intimate, beach ceremony.

Well, we have the beautiful background.

We have the ocean, we have the white sand beach, Yes.

So just imagine we have an aisle with conch shells, we have a beautiful trellis.

We can really make this something beautiful, we just have to add a little bit of imagination.

Yeah, it’s.

So if you can do that for me, Adam.

No pressure, right? No.

Why don’t we check out the honeymoon suite, which you guys are gonna go crazy for.


All right, it’s right behind ya.


Fun little island hunting fact– if you have to walk over water to get to your villa, you know you’re going somewhere good.

(pamela) It looks awesome.

(adam, laughing) Yeah.

I think you’re gonna like it.

Come on in and check this out.


This is beautiful, Adam.

(adam) Yeah, what do you think? (Pamela) It’s gorgeous! Look at the cathedral ceilings, beautifully equipped kitchen, and look at the views outside! (Adam) Exactly–it’s all above the water.

You’re surrounded by water.

(pamela) There’s a hammock out there.

It looks beautiful.

(paul) This is absolutely spectacular.

(pamela) It is! And obviously, there’s a kitchen here, but there’s also a chef on the island, so you don’t even need to use it if you don’t want to.

It sounds like this is meeting all of our needs.

And more.

Why don’t we check out the master the suite– it’s beautiful.

I think you guys are gonna love it.


Here we are in the master honeymoon suite.

(pamela) It’s beautiful, Adam! It is.

It is gorgeous– look at the view.

(paul) Oh, the view is amazing.

And what about the swans? It looks like it’s ready for us.

Is there an en suite? (Adam) Absolutely, of course.

There’s a beautiful master en suite bath.

And the dock is right outside the window.

I can see us spending time out there in the morning.

It just– it’s just really beautiful.

Really, i think this is the perfect way to end the tour is on this beautiful dock.

(pamela) It is really gorgeous, isn’t it? (Paul) Oh, I’m gonna be spending a lot of time out here.

(pamela) The water’s beautiful, the view is beautiful.

It’s, uh, it’s pretty spectacular.

(adam) Yeah, so in addition to this deck, you have a terrace that wraps around the whole house.

Right behind us, we have this incredible gazebo.

(pamela) So i can see us having cocktails out here.

(adam) Yeah, or after the wedding, having a beautiful candle-lit dinner for two.

(pamela) Absolutely.

(paul) That would be awesome.

So overall, what did you think of Coco Plum Island? (Pamela) i really love it.

It is different than the other islands.

(paul) It’s bigger, and there’s a lot more rooms and villas on the island, but it’s very spacious.

Any concerns or potential issues? (Pamela) That was my only concern was that the, uh.

The area for the ceremony wasn’t quite as intimate as the other islands.

You have a tough decision ahead of you.

We do, you’ve given us a lot to think about.

We really love Coco Plum– it includes everything we talked about wanting in a destination wedding and a honeymoon.

(paul) Without a doubt.

So we’ve seen three beautiful islands, all of which would suit our needs.

We have.

(narrator) But Pamela and Paul must pick one island for their upcoming wedding.

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After five years, Toronto residents, Pamela and Paul, have decided to tie the knot with a destination wedding-honeymoon in Belize.

With a budget of up to $10,000, they’ve toured three island resorts, which provide them with plenty of options.

Ranguana Caye is priced at $5,500 for a week’s stay.

Its beach would be the ideal spot for their nuptials.

I could see us having a really lovely, memorable ceremony here.

(narrator) At $6,500 for the week, Robert’s Caye is a colorful option, complete with cozy honeymoon villas.

I could see us having a little ceremony here.

It’s just a cozy little spot.

(narrator) And finally, Coco Plum is priced at $6,500 a week.

Though the resort lacks the private island feel Pamela and Paul are looking for, it does feature a luxury suite and plenty of activities during their stay.

And there’s a beach here, which was kind of on my wish list.

(narrator) With these options in mind, it’s time for the bride and groom to decide which island is right for them.

So we’ve seen three beautiful islands, all of which would suit our needs.

We have.

So Ranguana had a beautiful setting for the ceremony.

It did, it was very natural and a bit rustic, though.

But it had natural qualities to it that i really liked.

The beach was the perfect spot– if they cleaned it up a little bit and decorated it, that would be a beautiful spot for our wedding.

The accommodations were a little bit rustic.


So what about Robert’s Caye? Robert’s Caye was beautiful.

I loved it, when we came up the island, it was some very colorful cabanas there.

And the water was beautiful, the water was turquoise blue coming up to that island.

I think the thing that we didn’t see there was a beach.

That’s right, and that’s really important to me– for the honeymoon portion, i want a place to relax.

The room was nice, as well.

It just didn’t quite have everything that was on our wish list.

Not quite.

And Coco Plum? We were able to check off a lot of things that were on our wish list with Coco Plum.

The activities are there, there’s a wonderful location for the, uh, wedding ceremony.

I wasn’t totally convinced at first that the area that Adam pointed out would be good for us– the honeymoon suite is gorgeous.

It really is what i envisioned our first night as a married couple to look like.

It’s not entirely private, but there is so much space around all of the villas that i think we can get that feeling of privacy that–that we wanted– so we have some decisions to make.

It’s a tough decision.

♪♪ So what do you think? i think, uh, Ranguana didn’t have the accommodations that we wanted.

Even though it was private, uh, had a beautiful location for the ceremony, um, the accommodations just weren’t good enough for us.

So we’re going to eliminate Ranguana.

Yeah, i think we’re gonna have to eliminate Ranguana.

That leaves Robert’s Caye and Coco Plum.


Robert’s Caye–very beautiful spot without the beach, and you really wanted to be able to sit around on the beach.

That’s really important to me, i mean, that’s our honeymoon.

I want it to meet both our needs.

Coco Plum seemed to have all of those things.

The honeymoon suite is gorgeous.

It’s just ready to go, the views are amazing, the home itself is beautiful– i think it’s gonna be Coco Plum.

I think it’s gonna be the perfect spot for a beautiful, magical wedding and a wonderful honeymoon.

I agree.

[laughs] (both) Let’s go tell Adam.

(pamela) Okay.

♪♪ (Pamela) The wedding ceremony couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Adam promised us that they would take care of all the details, and it was more than we could have imagined.

And as a sign to all that you are the one that i wish to share life’s journey with.

Coco Plum went way over the top on this.

(pamela) It had all the tropical features with the shells and the tropical flowers– it was just something that we’ll remember forever.

Going up in the helicopter was a little scary, but exhilarating and exciting at the same time.

(paul) We saw the mountains.

We were watching the water change color from blue to green.

(pamela) We were able to see our honeymoon cottage from the air, which was beautiful.

But it was a soft landing.

Uh, it was a very soft landing, which i appreciated.

We chose Coco Plum because it, uh, had all of the things that we were looking for– it has great accommodations, it has, uh, activities that we both love to do, relaxing in our gazebo at the villa.


Really special.

It’s been everything that we hoped it would be.